Hughie Ahwon

Ceremonial Gathering - Hughie  Ahwon

Ceremonial Gathering

Original Artwork Kimberley earth and mixed media  
80 x 110 cm


The four tribes that are associated with the Wandjina have forged a relationship with each other through their respected Wandjina Creation Spirits. They share song and dance, lore and culture, trading of tools and eventually intertribal marriage arrangements. Sacred sites, borders and boundaries over time all set in blood and stone. This painting tells a small slice of the Wandjina and its people. Here Ngawah, the Wunambul Wandjina is in the centre, Kwini Wandjina on the left and Ngaringin on its right. Each wearing the ceremonial head piece of bird feathers. In this case, it is initiation time for the young males of each tribe. A senior elder from each clan stands on the head of their Wandjina painted in white ochre. Dancers are dancing Wonga, the opening ceremonial dance, as people watch on.


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