Hughie Ahwon

2 - Hughie  Ahwon

Wyndham Country

Original Artwork Acrylic and mixed media on canvas  
110 x 76 cm


The town of Wyndham has two histories, black and white, both documented in different formats. To get a small fraction of an understanding of this place and how my people lived here in such a harsh country, one just has to stand upon The Bastion Lookout and take in the view, a snapshot if you like. You can see the surrounding marsh flats and the five rivers that spill out twisting and turning from the mountains and gorges in the far distance. My people climbed those mountain ranges, they've left their mark there in among the rock face. We walked across those marsh flats to catch fish and rest along the banks of those rivers, just as we still do today. Wyndham Country is my painting, my acknowledgement, my love and respect for this place and its people both past and present. Hughie Ahwon


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