Suzy French


About the Artist:

I am passionate about the landscape that has been the backdrop to my fortunate life. I have lived in the Kimberley for over 25 years, this is a land of extremes. I left my home in the hills of Perth and drove into this part of the country in an old Holden as Twenty One year old. It broke down 200km's South of Broome and I hitched the rest of the way, with my dog, in the back of a ute. I have lived on Gogo Station and the famous Fossil Downs, Broome, Derby and Fitzroy Crossing. I have travelled extensively throught the area by helicopter, boat and land. My journey with this country has been the inspiration for the work I create.

From pencil sketching to body sculpture, art has always been a part of who I am. In the early 2000's, a chance meeting with a landscape artist, Jean Elizovich resulted in a learning experience; a wonderful exchange across the generations with oils on canvas and a new chapter of my life began.

A prolific artist, I have painted ever since; culminating in 11 successful exhibitions, one of which was acclaimed artist Douglas Kirsop.

When working the land I work wet into wet and I like to scratch through the paint to give another dimension to grasses and shrubs. At sea I will lay glazes to give depth of the ocean and an optical mix of colour.

I also enjoy the change of pace when working with oils on aluminium. I love to let paint slide and the silver of the ali to glow through.

Painting is a time of stillness of mind for me; the music is loud and as I stand at the easel the world around me drops away and the meditative process begins.


Additional Information: