Jeanne Barnes


About the Artist:

Jeanne never ceases to amaze us with her diverse and stunning collection of artwork.  It is a powerful talent to evoke such emotion from viewers, and Jeanne is able to accomplish this with every piece of artwork.  These paintings don't stay long on our walls!


Jeanne was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has always been passionate about art. She attended the Johannesburg Art, Ballet, Drama and Music school (now called the National School of the Arts) She studied fine art at Technikon Pretoria, majoring in Painting.

An opportunity arose for an apprenticeship in Jewellery, which Jeanne jumped at.  She has won 10 awards in Jewellery design including prestigious awards from de Beers and Anglogold.  She was commissioned by de Beers to manufacture their Forevermark showpiece, a neckpiece consisting of multiple strelitzias in 18ct gold, with a 6 carat white centre diamond. 

She has continued to paint in between her jewellery pursuits,  and in 2008 she moved with her family, first to Dunsborough, and then not long after, to  Kununurra, Western Australia, where she worked full time as manager of a jewellery store, while painting in her spare time.   Making the move to Kununurra was a turning point for her and her art, she changed her style completely, and hasn't looked back.  The Kimberley region continues to inspire her, it's breathtaking beauty has taken her on a magical journey of inspiration and creativity.  Her work is in collections in the UK, Saudi Arabia, across Australia and South Africa.

In 2016,  she made the decision to resign from her role as manager of the jewellery store, and to become a full-time artist.  

Her favourite subjects include the Kimberley region of Western Australia,  boab trees and flowers, cattle and wildlife.


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